Muffler Packing / Muffler Repacking Kits

Muffler Packing / Muffler Repacking Kits:

STAINLESS STEEL WOOL is the first choice for muffler packing by many muffler manufacturer’s and professional racers worldwide!

Why use Stainless Steel Wool?

  • It is a high temperature resistant material that provides great sound attenuation.
  • It is highly resilient to turbulent exhaust flows.
  • Mufflers packed with stainless steel wool will last up to 4 to 5 times longer than by using fiberglass alone.
  • To continuously meet maximum DB sound restrictions.


Use on most 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines in: Motocross, ATV’s, Cars, Sport and Touring Motorcycles, UTV’s, Snowmobiles, Jet skis, Farm and Industrial applications.


If your muffler’s exhaust tone is starting to sound louder or “raspy” & if you are losing a little “bottom end power” your muffler packing has: either broken down and been blown out, or is saturated with oil or water. Re-packing should always be carried out as per your muffler manufacturers’ recommended intervals.

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Stainless Steel Wool Packing / Repacking Materials & Kits:

  • Bulk Stainless Steel Wool Rolls: Choose from 1 or 5 lb rolls.
  • MP15:For mufflers’ up to 15″ in length
  • MP19:For mufflers’ up to 19″ in length
  • MPCF4 – For Carbon Fiber Mufflers up to 19″ in length
  • CORE WRAPS: Over 8 common sizes as well as bulk material for manufacturers and customizing.
  • Fiberglass Packing: 1/2″ thick fiberglass mat designed for muffler packing applications.h

Custom Stainless Steel Wool Tubes and Packing:

International Steel Wool is a leading US manufacturer for custom stainless steel wool tubes, cores and packing materials for muffler / exhaust manufacturer’s worldwide.   Please call or email us for more information.

Technical Performance:

MaterialComponentHighest operating temperature (℃)Noise frequency (Hz)/
noise absorption (%)
Stainless steel WoolAISI 43485023-5263-8595-99

Type 434 Typical Chemistry:

C 0.12% max. ; Si 1.0% max. ; Mn 1.0% max. ; S 0.03% max. ;P 0.04% max.; Cr 16.0 – 18.0% max. ; Mo 1.25% max.; Fe-balance.


ISW now offers fiberglass Insulation Blankets and packing for industrial and exhaust applications.  Our fiberglass is made in the USA and has unrivaled strength and integrity for exhaust applications and fabrication.


  • Up To 20% better Thermal Conductivity Than Typical Glass Mat
  • Ultra light weight, As Much As 50% lighter than conventional glass mat.
  • 1150 F Service Temperature
  • -25% minimum recycled content
  • Corrosiveness Passes ASTM C 665 for steel, aluminum and copper.


Heat Shields, Insulation Pads, OEM Cut parts, Pipe Wrap, Exhausts, Oven Lining, Expansion Joints, etc

THICKNESS:   1/4″, 1/2″ & 1″

WIDTHS:  up to 50″

ROLL LENGTH:  89′ (1/4″), 45′ (1/2″) & 40′ (1″)

SAFETY:  Ceramic and asbestos free.



steel wool roll
steel wool roll
steel wool roll