Tuffwool™ Discs & Pads

TUFFWOOL is combination of steel wool and a soft absorbent felt material that is mechanically interlocked to form a tough long lasting abrasive. These pads are great for commercial and industrial applications because they can attach to hook and loop pads on power tools.


5″ Disc 5″ Disc Fine Stainless 7″ Disc
1 2 3
4.5″ x 5.5″ Hand Pad 6″ x 9″ Hand Pad 4″ x 9″ Hand Pad
1 2 3
5″ Sanding Block Cover 6″ T Bar Cover 10″ T Bar Cover
1 2 3


  • Can be used with power tools
  • Won’t ball up or shred like conventional steel wool pads or roll material
  • Soft felt backing that is a binder and absorbent
  • Re-usable
  • Also available in stainless steel wool or bronze


Can be used alone or with a cleaning or polishing compound

  • GLASS CLEANING & POLISHING – Shower stalls, windshields, headlights, mirrors, windows, etc
  • WOOD SMOOTHING OR BUFFING – Furniture, cabinets, baseboards, woodwork or paneling.
  • METAL POLISHING – COPPER, BRASS, STAINLESS, ALUMINUM other ALLOYS – Decorative metal fixtures, hardware, metal trim, railings, moldings, wheels, etc.
  • CHROME – Mufflers & muffler tips, automotive trim, motorcycle parts, bumpers, etc (Not to be used on plastic chromed parts.)
  • PLASTIC – Scratch removal from ATV or MX body parts, sleds or other colored plastic items. (Not to be used on acrylic, clear or painted plastic.

CAUTION: Always test an inconspicuous area first for the right pressure and cleaning or polishing agent usage.

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  • Fiber Length 1.0” 1.5” and 2.0” in (25, 38 mm and 50 mm)
  • Equivalent Diameter 0.045” (1.14 mm)
  • Available Aspect Ratio 22, 34 and 44
  • Tensile Strength 140-180 Kpsi (966-1242 MPa)
  • Deformation Continuously deformed circular segment
  • Appearance Bright and clean carbon steel wire
Glass Hard Water Stains#0000, Finest
Chrome & Mirror Polishing#0000, Finest
Wood Finishing — Smooth finishes or buffing wood to a high luster#0000 or 000
Cleaning Precision Tools#0000, Finest
ATV/MX Plastic Scratch Repair#0000, Finest
Wood or Metal Paint Stripping#1, 2 or 3
Polish or Restore Copper, Brass, Aluminum and other metals#00 Fine
Smoothing wood or metal for primer coat#0 or 1
Clean copper pipes and fitting for soldering#1
Paint Clean Up#0 – 2 (depending on media)
Removing gloss coat from wood or metal#0 or 1


Most Common: 25kg or 50 lb Multiwall paper bag.
We will also provide packaging according to our customers’ specifications. Fibers can also be packed in water soluble paper or Bulk super sacks.