High Temp – Stainless Steel Fiber Mat (SS Fiber Mat)

SS Fiber Mat is a non-shedding stainless steel porous media that is highly resistant to extreme temperatures and corrosive environments.   SS Fiber Mat is comprised of a special alloy of stainless steel fibers that layered and sintered in a high temperature vacuum furnace. SS Fiber Mat is widely used in many automotive, industrial and filtration applications that demand resistance to oxidation at high temperature.


  • Next Generation High Performance Exhaust-Muffler Packing for temps up to 1200 C
  • Diesel Exhaust filtration
  • Gas burner applications for low CO and NOx emissions
  • Asphalt Heating Equipment
  • Infrared Heating applications such as paper drying or aluminum processing
  • Oil & Gas Industry / oil sands filtration


  • No loose fibers, shedding or fiber fall out.
  • Excellent thermal resistance.
  • Will withstand turbulent pressures and extreme temperatures from air, water and acidic gases
  • High dirt holding capacity for depth or surface filtration for up to 99% efficiency
  • Low back pressure
  • High gel shear from sharp edged fibers
  • Electrically conductive
  • Ductile, weldable & pleatable – easily fabricated to many shapes and sizes
  • Typical Materials: Stainless steel FeCrAl is our standard material, but 300 and 400 series Stainless steel is also available.
Typical Density: Porosity Mat Thickness Range Fiber Diameter Range
400 – 1200 g/m2 60 – 90% 0.3 – 0.8 mm 20 – 120 um
Max Continuous Operating Temp Density, g/cm3 (lb/in3) Filtration Efficiency Magnetic Properties
Up to 1200 C 7.15 (0.259) Up to 45 – 99% Magnetic up to approximately 600°C (1112°F)


Cross Section

Welded Tubes