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ISW Brand Needled Mat:

FIBERGLASS NEEDLED MAT: low cost insulation that provides an excellent source of both thermal and acoustic insulation. Most popular selection for motorcycle, atv, etc exhaust packing, petrochemical refineries, and for die-cut applications. Our OEM quality mat is made in the USA with superior fiber strength and low shot content.

BIO-SAFE NEEDLED MAT: Made from Bio-soluble materials, Bio-Safe Insulation is widely used for many industrial and exhaust applications as an alternative to fiberglass without the health and safety concerns. Bio-Safe Insulation media is made in the USA and has unrivaled strength and integrity for exhaust applications and fabrication.

SILICA NEEDLED MAT: High-silica needle mat is capable of withstanding temperatures ranging up to 1,800 º F because of its low thermal conductivity. Unlike fiberglass mat, our Silica needled mat will not melt or vaporize in high performance exhaust systems.

Material TypeBio-Safe Needle MatFiberglass Needle MatSilica Needle Mat
FormBulk Rolls, Custom Widths/Lengths or Die Cut PartsBulk Rolls, Custom Widths/Lengths or Die Cut PartsBulk Rolls, Custom Widths/Lengths or Die Cut Parts
Service Temperature1800°F (1000°C)1150 F (621°C)1800°F (1000°C)
Thickness1/4″, 1/2″ & 1″1/4″, 3/8” 1/2″ & 1″½”
Roll WidthUp to 24”Up to 60”Up to 60”
Features:Up To 20% better Thermal Conductivity Than Typical Glass Mat Ceramic and asbestos free.Low Cost, Low ShotHigh Temperature Resistance, No Shrinkage
ApplicationsExhaust PackingHeat ShieldsInsulation Pads
Acoustic InsulationOEM Die Cut Parts Power Generation


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